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  Compilation 1
   6 Easy Music Pieces  No.s 1-6      package(s)

  Compilation 2
   6 Easy Music Pieces  No.s 7-12    package(s)

  Compilation 3
   6 Easy Music Pieces  No.s 13-18  package(s)

  Compilation 4
   6 Easy Music Pieces  No.s 19-24  package(s)

  Compilation 5
   6 Easy Music Pieces  No.s 25-30  package(s)


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Compilation 1
1. "The Other Side of the Fence"
2. "The Fair"
3. "Paddle Away"
4. "In The Picture"
5. "It's Just Too Hard"
6. "Above The Clouds"
Compilation 2
7. "Elves About"
8. "On Your Bike"
9. "Only Us Two"
10. "Thinking"
11. "Circle Waltz"
12. "The Seahorse"
Compilation 3
13. "Latin Lullaby"
14. "Mountain Dance"
15. "Stepping Stones"
16. "The Busy Bee"
17. "Rainbow Rag"
18. "Distant Moon"
Compilation 4
19. "Ghost Town"
20. "In The Saddle"
21. "Push That Barrow"
22. "Reflections"
23. "Slightly Crooked"
24. "The Swing"
! Compilation 5 NEW
25. "Inch Closer"
26. "Into The Unknown"
27. "Picking Flowers"
28. "Skimming Stones"
29. "That's Funny!"
30. "The Ballroom"



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