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Easy recorder music pieces created for a solo recorder as original simple sheet music compositions. All the recorder pieces are supplied as printed musical manuscripts with a pre-recorded piano accompaniment for you to play along to. The accompaniment is in mp3 format so that you can play it on a computer, export to ipod or similar, or burn to CD. The whole lot can be emailed direct to you.

Easy Recorder Pieces

Easy Pieces for Recorder

The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument similar to a flute. In Italian it is called the flauto dolce, in German the Blockflöte and in French the flûte à bec. It is held vertically from the lips and produces a sound by air being blown against an edge.

>It should be noted that, as the recorder is often associated with very young children at an extremely basic stage of musicianship, these pieces  all require a working knowledge of the recorder and notation, and if referred to as 'easy' or 'easy/moderate' it is relative to the scale of 'easy - moderate - difficult' (where 'difficult' is a professional's standard of skill). These pieces do not contain simplifications or instructions of how to play the notes.

All easy recorder music pieces are written for descant recorder but Nos. 8 and 11 only are also suitable for treble recorder.

Recorder Sheet Music

Compilations of 6 easy recorder music pieces can be purchased for a package price of £7.95 !
Five different compilations available.


Easy Pieces Listening Page



If you would like to order some of these easy pieces, please read our terms and conditions then ORDER HERE.

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