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About Our Easy Sheet Music

All our sheet music pieces are original. They are all notated - that is, we do not use simplification techniques such as obscure graphics or signs or rhymes in order to make them easy to learn. Thus, when you learn these easy pieces, you also learn to read music as it is always notated in correct fashion - you then have ammunition to learn other pieces more quickly.

The easy sheet music tunes are catchy and fun to learn and to play for others together with the pre-recorded accompaniment. The accompanying tracks are in mp3 format and can therefore be burnt to a CD for playing away, or an mp3 player can be used for the same purpose. The accompaniment file for each easy sheet music piece can also be played back using your computer.

There are compilations of easy sheet music for alto sax, oboe, clarinet, cello, French horn, guitar, keyboard, flute, piccolo, recorder, trumpet, viola and violin.

Our easy sheet music for alto sax, clarinet and trumpet have been transposed so that they are in as easy a key as possible for the written transposing instrument.

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