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These easy music pieces for cello are original simple sheet music solo compositions.
All the cello music pieces are supplied as printed musical manuscripts with a pre-recorded piano accompaniment for you to play cello along to. The mp3 accompaniment can be burnt to CD disk or played by computer or ipod.

Easy Cello Pieces

Easy Pieces for Cello

These easy pieces are written for the cello or 'cello, being the commonly-used abbreviation for violoncello. The cello is a stringed instrument and a member of the violin family. Much larger than a violin, it has four strings that are tuned to C (two octaves below middle C), G, D and A in ascending perfect fifths and is pitched one octave below the viola. The cellist is seated and plays the instrument in an upright position between the legs by drawing the bow horizontally across the strings. It can also be plucked with the fingers (pizzicato). The cello rests on a metal spike called an endpin. Cello music is non-transposing and uses concert pitch.

Although not designed as absolute starter pieces, the music student of a solo cello will find these relatively easy to play. They require only an early knowledge of your instrument and sheet music notation but are fun, without the need for a piano accompanist as the accompaniment is supplied already recorded. They are aimed at any age of student and as a resource for music teachers.

Printed Cello Music

Compilations of 6 easy cello music pieces can be purchased for a package price of 7.95 !
Five different compilations available.


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