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Sheet Music for a solo musical instrument

Simple music pieces for violin, viola, cello, alto sax, flute, piccolo, clarinet, guitar, recorder, oboe, trumpet, French horn or keyboard. LISTEN TO THEM HERE.

All the easy tunes come as sheet music notation together with recorded piano music accompaniment to play along with.

These original tunes are for a solo musical instrument. Although not designed as absolute starter pieces, the music student of a solo instrument will find these pieces relatively easy to play. They require only an early knowledge of your instrument and sheet music notation but are fun, without the need for a piano accompanist as the accompaniment is supplied already recorded. Duets and trios for any musical instrument with piano are available from the easy sheet music duets site, as well as quartets and other ensembles and instrument combinations.




Although these pieces may appear as music for children, they are aimed at any age of student of a musical instrument, and as a resource for music teachers.


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We have selected a random instrument to play each tune listed,
but you can order for whichever instrument you require - see below.


There are FIVE different compilations
of 6 easy pieces each now available.

PLAY COMPS 3, 4 & 5 >>>

Each Compilation of 6 easy music pieces is now only £7.95 !
Great Value for 6 solo tunes with accompaniments!
(Great Value too for our U.S. Customers!).


These notated tunes are available for flute, piccolo, guitar, recorder, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, oboe, alto sax, trumpet, french horn or, keyboard such as a synthesizer, electric piano, organ or piano.

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Hello and welcome to - a sheet music source for budding musicians seeking to have fun playing easy solo music pieces at home, in college, school, or as easy music for teachers as a part of music in education. We are long-term professional musicians in the live music industry worldwide and have produced lots of compositions for musical instrument combos for many years. We shall update new features and sheet music pieces for sale here from time to time but at present there is a good selection of original musical pieces to purchase - some pieces are not even listed on the site yet. You can e-mail us using the link on the left if you need a specific music type, music for two, three, or for a quartet, ensemble or orchestration. Just remember, we create original compositions and do not provide a source of sheet music already published.

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