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Easymusicpieces invites you to download our music wallpaper for free

easymusicpieces free music wallpaper 1

Available with either a sand or purple background, our free music wallpaper can be downloaded here. Just click on the top or bottom picture of your choice to bring up the full size music image, then opposite-click (normally right-click) on it and select 'set as wallpaper' or 'set as background'. The original designs show a musical instrument's bell issuing forth keyboard notes towards a representation of our music accompaniment playing on a CD.


Although the wallpaper designs are original and therefore have our copyright, we are giving them away! That's right - we don't mind if you distribute them or use them anywhere you would like, as long as you don't change them or claim them as your work of course. Enjoy.

easymusicpieces free music wallpaper 2