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Easy sheet music pieces for solo violin are presented here as original music.
All the violin music pieces are printed musical manuscripts with a pre-recorded piano accompaniment for you to play along to. The accompaniment is in mp3 format so that you can play it on a computer, export to ipod or similar, or burn to CD. The whole lot can be emailed directly to you.

Easy Music for Violin

Easy Pieces for Violin

These easy violin music pieces are composed and written for the violin - a musical instrument of the strings family that has four strings tuned a perfect fifth apart. G just below middle C is the lowest note and open string, and the ascending other open strings produce the notes of D, A and E. It is the highest-pitched and the smallest string instrument of the violin family which includes the viola, cello and, loosely speaking, the double bass. Violin music is written in the treble or G clef.

Although not designed as absolute starter pieces, the music student of a solo violin will find these relatively easy to play. They require only an early knowledge of your instrument and sheet music notation but are fun, without the need for a piano accompanist as the accompaniment is supplied already recorded. They are aimed at any age of student and as a resource for music teachers.

Easy Violin Pieces

Compilations of 6 easy violin music pieces can be purchased for a package price of 7.95 !
Five different compilations available.


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If you would like to order some of these easy pieces for violin, please read our terms and conditions then ORDER HERE.

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