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Easy sheet music pieces for solo keyboard created as original simple sheet music compositions. The keyboard pieces are printed musical manuscripts with a pre-recorded accompaniment for you to play your keyboard instrument along to. The accompaniment comes as mp3s to play or burn to CD etc. The whole lot can be emailed direct to you.

Easy keyboard pieces

These are easy pieces for right hand only on piano, synthesizer or other keyboard. 'Piano' is an abbreviated term for the Pianoforte, literally meaning Soft/Loud in Italian or Latin. It is so called as it superseded instruments that could only produce sounds of a similar volume. A piano is a large musical instrument with strings stretched over a rigid frame. The strings are struck by felt-covered hammers activated by a keyboard, and vibrate to produce the sound.

Although not designed as absolute starter pieces, the music student of a solo keyboard will find these relatively easy to play. They require only an early knowledge of your instrument and sheet music notation but are fun, without the need for a piano accompanist as the accompaniment is supplied already recorded. They are aimed at any age of student and as a resource for music teachers.

synth keyboardA synthesizer (or synthesiser) is an electronic musical instrument designed to produce artificially generated sound. FM, additive, subtractive, physical modelling synthesis, or phase distortion are varieties of synthesis used to create sounds ranging from imitating other real instruments to original concepts. Synthesizers usually have a piano type of keyboard with extra controls. Electric pianos are more restricted and produce sounds that are similar to an acoustic piano but may vary slightly. Both these types of instrument are often just referred to as a 'keyboard'.

These pieces suit other instruments as well!

The keyboard pieces are suitable as easy piano music, or for organ, synthesizer, electric piano and other electronic keyboard instruments by using right hand only. However, they can also be used as solos for right hand on piano accordion. They also suit the chromatic harmonica (one with a slide that can play all the semitones).

Simple keyboard and synth pieces

Compilations of 6 easy keyboard music pieces can be purchased for a package price of 7.95 !
Five different compilations available.


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If you would like to order some of these easy pieces, please read our terms and conditions then please ORDER HERE.

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