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Music for the new school term

Back to school again. Boys and girls who have already started playing a musical instrument will no doubt want to start learning new pieces with the new school term leading up to concerts for Christmas, Easter, etc and there will be lots of new students who want to start learning to play music this school year. The easy music pieces for each musical instrument here have been designed with this very much in mind, so that they will be ideal for learning at home or in school. School boards and music teachers should also look carefully at these pieces as a source of easy music tuition material.

You can listen to the pieces here.
The price of each of our compilations (6 sheet music solo pieces all with recorded play-along accompaniment) is still just 7.95 until further notice.

In a recent Department for Education survey in the UK, it was found that 22% of all 8-11 year olds who were learning to play a musical instrument were playing a stringed instrument (most commonly violin), and 16% were playing a woodwind instrument (such as flute, clarinet and saxophone. Lots of students were found to give up playing on leaving school but, most interestingly, 15 million people either wanted to take up playing or resume learning to play since childhood. This is a huge figure and gives us very good reason why we should indulge our children with as much opportunity as possible to learn to play music, either within or outside school.

There are, of course many other reasons, not least because it is universally accepted that those who learn to play a musical instrument usually develop greater learning skills across the board, and achieve better social awareness. Playing in the school orchestra, for instance, involves participating in a sharing of musical creativity to produce the concert performance. Music will always be a form of solace and invigoration to those who can play, throughout the whole of their lives.

A recent interview of previous U.S. President Bill Clinton by Elvis Costello reinforces all the points above regarding music education.

So, back to school. Here's hoping that more children than ever this year take to playing a musical instrument and get to love making music.


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